The ‘gourmet’ croqueterie’s best friend

Rubhima's cream cooker has a built-in triple chamber to better the heat as it saves on electricity consumption

Rubhima, a company belonging to the Fire Applied Technologies SL group, arrives at Hostelco with its range of cream cookers, ideal as a professional tool for croquettes, béchamel, cannelloni, sauces, pastries and much more. The main feature is its triple-chamber construction, as opposed to the dual-chamber construction of other brands. This achieves total temperature uniformity within the cooking pot and a higher quality result, as well as greater operator safety.

Another benefit of the tank modelling is lower electricity consumption, as the temperature is better maintained. In fact, the Rubhima machine can even work in cold conditions. The ‘trick’ is simple: the traditional “bain-marie” cooking principle is used by circulating thermal oil in the tank cavity.

It features a two-speed mixer, designed to work with dough densities, and is equipped with Teflon-coated scrapers on the side and bottom to prevent the product from sticking. The mixer is specially designed for working with liquid and semi-liquid batters as well as those which are particularly dense (croquette batter and the like). It is also easily removable for easy cleaning.

Made entirely of stainless steel, there are 8 varieties of cream cookers, with capacities ranging from 15 to 500 litres. It is easy to operate, as it has a complete control panel equipped with a main switch, electronic thermostat for setting the cooking temperature (from 0 to 150 degrees) and electronic end-of-cycle buzzer.

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