The holy key of olfactory marketing

Cuarto Sentido fragrances are adapted to the branding of each business and can be controlled remotely.

What does a morning in the mountains smell like? Scent marketing techniques have become very popular in recent years. Just as in design, the trick is to find the fragrance that fits with our brand, that provides sensations and stimulates the consumer’s emotions. This is how Cuarto Sentido, a Spanish company dedicated to the development of fragrances as a marketing tool, presents itself at Hostelco 2022.

The process is divided into two parts. The first step consists of a complete examination of the branding values and objectives, as well as an aesthetic and general analysis of the atmosphere. After this, it is time to find the fragrance that best suits each business. This can be done on the basis of a scent chart or by developing a completely unique one. Finally, it is necessary to choose the diffusion system.

Cuarto Sentido diffusers have an elegant, clean design and quality finishes that allow them to blend in with any space and even become part of the decoration. In addition, it is possible to program the equipment to adapt them to the business schedule, to peak traffic periods or activation by passage sensor and controlled by internet or mobile devices.

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