The kings of the grill bring you… coal!

Pujadas ovens combine the traditional flavour of charcoal-grilled cuisine with modern cooking systems

Grilling is growing in popularity among haute cuisine all over the world thanks to its ability to combine tradition with modern cooking systems. In a bid to remain at the forefront of trends, Pujadas is bringing its new range of ovens for cooking with charcoal to Hostelco. Enclosed grills offer the possibility of cooking food in an enclosed space in complete safety and free of smoke.

Manufactured in top quality stainless steel, Pujadas ovens are lined with insulating materials that optimise the use of coal and reduce heat radiation. In addition, the air chamber helps to maintain the external cooling system, which – together with a firewall at the smoke outlet – gives an extra point to safety.

The hopper is sunken to make the most of the space, while a higher interior cab allows the use of a greater number of guides to fix the grills at various levels. The cooking temperature is regulated by the airflow control. And the possibility of limiting the concentration of smoke in the interior allows the food to be given its characteristic ‘chef’s taste’.

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