The know-how of Italian porcelain

Tognana Porcellane tableware is highly resistant to abrasion due to its firing temperature

The Italian firm Tognana Porcellane brings to Hostelco 2022 its new collection of tableware, a blend of the know-how and elegance of traditional Mediterranean porcelain with today’s standards of quality and safety. Made of self-fusing, low-expanding materials, they are formed with isostatic moulds that guarantee a perfect and uniform density: they do not leave residual stresses that could cause breakage during use.

The high firing temperature to which the parts are subjected guarantees a high resistance to abrasion and scratches caused by use. This is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but above all from a hygienic point of view. It also allows the paint to melt so that the decoration can penetrate it and be incorporated, and therefore protected, forever. It also has a painted edge and a smooth base to avoid scratches on tables or when pieces are stacked on top of each other.

Tognana porcelains also have a high capacity to absorb heat and release it gradually, keeping food and beverages warm over time.

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