Ultraviolet light technology for cutlery germs

The Frucosol SH3000 is equipped with a UV-C lamp capable of eliminating the bacterial load

Frucosol arrives at Hostelco with the SH3000, the solution to the problems of drying and sanitising cutlery typical of the hotel and catering industry. This is an automatic cutlery polisher equipped with a safe and chemical-free UV-C germicidal lamp.

The focus glass operates at a peak of 253.7 nm and reaches 80°C. Any bacteria, viruses and other organisms that could have survived and reproduced after washing are eliminated. In this way, the UV-C light allows continuous sterilisation of both cutlery and the plant sawdust used for polishing.

The natural, biodegradable granulate dries and polishes cutlery, whether it is chrome, stainless steel or even silver. This, together with its hot air fan, allows residual moisture to be removed and assists drying. The whole process takes only 40 seconds, with a speed of up to 3,500 covers per hour.

The SH3000 is presented as a desktop model. Made of steel, with a compact structure and measuring 57 cm long, 50 cm wide and 40 cm high, it can work on any base. In fact, an added advantage of its construction is its ability to operate with minimal noise emissions.

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