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We know that a valuable experience extends beyond the trade fair and that is why we have experts who inspire, educate and motivate professionals in the sector, offering proposals to help grow.


Taste &Talks

First the experience, then the exchange of knowledge.  Under an experiential, product and business approach, we host activities in our own dynamic space:


Prizes and competitions

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Spanish final of the World Neapolitan Pizza Championship

Alimentaria & Hostelco will host the Spanish final of the prestigious world championship of authentic Neapolitan pizza.
Before reaching the final, scheduled in 2025, several qualifications are held in different cities around the world. The Spanish final will take place on March 20, in the Coffee, Bakery & Pastry activity area, of Alimentaria&Hostelco.

The Baker's Dozen

Ranking of the best coffee-bakeries, of which the 12 top coffee-bakeries nationwide will receive recognition in addition to a franchise in the sector.


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