AGAR nutrition training

AGAR sets up a training course on protein nutrition for care homes to prevent elderly people’s malnutrition

Proteins to combat malnutrition in the elderly

Agar Asesoramiento Alimentario has created a training course to help the kitchen and dining room staff in care homes to ensure adequate protein intake for the elderly. The experience gained from the application developed by the organisation on food adapted to dysphagia and other needs in care homes has made it possible to set up this new training course, which combines nutritional and culinary aspects, with a view to preventing and dealing with malnutrition in older persons.

Agar will showcase it at HOSTELCO in the form of a practical workshop. It will present the hyperproteic enriched food options and how to incorporate them into the menus of the residences, according to the tastes of their users.

Malnutrition affects around 20% of people over 65. As we age, several factors contribute to reduced food intake, and one of the critical areas is inadequate protein intake.

Reasons leading to malnutrition include difficulties in chewing or swallowing, loss of appetite due to changes in taste and smell, and economic or social problems that limit access to more nutritious foods. Psychological factors such as depression or loneliness also play a role, leading to a loss of interest in food.

Agar stresses how important protein is for the health and well-being of the elderly, as it helps to maintain muscle mass, strengthen the immune system and aid recovery from illness and injury.

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