Brunch times are expanding

Changes in consumer lifestyle habits are leading to the emergence of new business models that offer light, healthy and informal meals at any time of day.


People’s changing lifestyle choices are also leading to a change in consumer habits. Only this week, at the Think Tank event in Valencia, Diego Coquillat, the CEO of, claimed that we will soon be seeing many new houses without kitchens. This is the direct result of two very specific issues: on the one hand, we have less and less time for cooking, and the fact that most women go out to work means there is nobody at home to cook and do the housework. And on the other, catering companies are making it easier than ever to eat food prepared outside the home.

Last week at the Eat2Go trade fair in Madrid we had the chance to meet Andrés Casal, the creator of the Wetaca start-up, a business that consists of offering a weekly Tupperware box home delivery service which is ordered via their digital tool. Their business model has reduced delivery costs fivefold compared to other regular home delivery services. This is another convenience for consumers who are unwilling to cook.


This lifestyle is also introducing new restaurant concepts. In the video we visit Juliettas restaurant at Calle Hermosilla 58 in Madrid and meet its owner, Raúl Armengol. They offer breakfasts, brunch, snacks and what has become known as ‘brinner’, a blend of brunch and dinner. You can find similar eateries in any Spanish city. In Valencia, for example, there is an establishment called La más bonita. It is open all day long and offers fruit juices and shakes, tea and coffee, and sweet and savoury dishes at their two establishments on Patacona beach and in Ruzafa.

In Bilbao too there are some highly recommended options for brunch, such as Brass and in Malaga Brunchit offers sweet and savoury dishes and smoothies.

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