Collaboration between brands: Hospitality in all the sectors

Collaboration between brands is one of the most widespread formulas for impacting new audiences. Some catering companies are taking full advantage of the opportunities stemming from this collaboration to increase their reach and win over potential customers.

Good News, the chain that has converted news-stands into cafés with good news and Nude Project, the urban fashion brand, have created the Nude Café by GoodNews. The above constitutes another step in the cooperation that these two companies from different sectors sharing the same customer have developed.

Nude Café by GoodNews is a space located at Nude Project’s headquarters in Barcelona. Here, in addition to the usual range of Good News products, Nude Project’s employees and passers-by can find exclusive products such as the Nude Latte and the Hangover Kit.

We obtain first-hand knowledge of the strategy that the coffee chain is pursuing to become a point of reference for the younger public by means of collaboration.

Rodrigo Domínguez (Director at Barra de Ideas)


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