Edible cutlery, the end of waste in hospitality

R&D in the different food industries is causing a real revolution. Although we have known about some solutions such as edible straws for years, it is now finally that they are becoming popular. All the product development that different companies in the sector have carried out in recent years has meant that today we find ourselves with a panorama much closer to the elimination of waste in hospitality.

This month we bring edible straws, spoons and stirrers to Horeca Stories. As we said, an innovation that we have known about for years, but whose development has achieved a much more pleasant result for the consumer and with costs that are now approaching those of other disposable products such as wood or bamboo.

In this episode we will learn about Gloop, a startup halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which is revolutionizing the sector with its products. With barely two years of experience, they are already implementing their solutions in some large café, ice cream parlour and hotel chains, such as Iberostar.

Rodrigo Domínguez (Barra de Ideas Director)


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