Energy efficiency: save up to 15% at your restaurant

Energy costs have gone through the roof in Spain. Faced with this situation, the catering industry has the obligation, but also the opportunity, to implement energy efficiency measures to reduce consumption, lower bills and become a little more environmentally sustainable.

According to the consultancy firm Enertips, led by Josep Lecina, catering establishments are the commercial establishments with the highest energy consumption per square metre. Kitchens typically account for two thirds of the total consumption of the premises, while the dining room accounts for the other third. In addition to electrical installations in kitchens, air conditioning and lighting are the most important items required by restaurants.

Any attempt to increase the efficiency of a catering establishment requires the implementation of a plan based on three pillars: negotiation with the main energy supplier, the efficiency of the machinery itself and the use that is made of this equipment.

Borja Molina-Martell, founding partner of the Nomo Group, manages five premises in Catalonia and one in Madrid, as well as a virtual brand for deliveries. In this report, the director explains that when he implemented his energy efficiency plan, he managed to save up to 15% on his energy bill.

At Hostelco (Barcelona, 4-7 April 2022) you will be able to find all the solutions for your hospitality business.

Rodrigo Domínguez (Director of Barra de Ideas)

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