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Reproduction of an hotel designed by the most important interior design studios. A space that offers maximum visibility among those responsible for tourist and catering accommodation.

Rooms and business spaces designed by decorators and interior designers

HOSTELCO provides companies with a contract profile several hotel spaces which will allow them to show the latest trends in interior design, decoration, lightning and furniture.

A real scenario with maximum visibility among the hospitality, tourist accommodations, and catering decision-makers.




The lobby is a space to welcome guests and the starting point for our journey through the interior design of our hotel

The hotel’s lobby is at the heart of our project: it’s where we welcome guests, it’s the starting point of our interior design and architecture of the senses, and it’s the place where we begin to tell the hotel’s story.

Our main goal is to transmit emotions through the architecture of the senses, based on the interplay of lights, open spaces and the central role of nature, very much present in our vision. This project has been achived with the collaboration and contribution of Cordero&Viñas Study.



We are an architecture and interior design studio founded in 2001, we develop renovation and new construction projects mainly for the contract sector: Hotels, restaurants, etc. Our speciality is to offer “turnkey” packages, since our team is formed by architects, interior designers and engineers, we develop integral projects for hotel reforms or new creations. We are known for studying each project in depth and customizing it on the basis of a plan of needs, and always within a limited budget and adapted to a business plan. Likewise, in other cases, we develop the project and do the construction management, being the construction company a company selected by the owner.

We work throughout Spain and abroad. We have developed projects in the Canary and Balearic Islands, in the south of the peninsula, Madrid, Valencia, Extremadura, Barcelona, etc. We have studios in Madrid, Barcelona and on-site equipment in the Canary Islands.

Our brands are:

 · Dyd interiorismo;

 · Estudio Cordero y Viñas;


Posidonia Room

At Carmela Martí we’ve found inspiration in the Posidonia to create a unique ecosystem in which the traveller can find comfort and protection. This plant plays a vital role in the marine ecosystem, as it creates important areas for oxygen production and breeding and provides shelter for numerous animal species. We thus aim to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and how the use of sustainable materials can help us to do it.




At Carmela Martí we’re experts in textile interior design for the hospitality sector. We provide a service encompassing advice and execution in order to adorn all kinds of establishments and create atmospheres with personality. Carmela Martí was created in 2004 within an important textile group specialising in lingerie for hotels and collectivities.

Shortly afterwards our business history began, proof that our knowledge of the sector and our ongoing search for innovation and design are guarantees of success.

Our passion for interior decoration and design has led us to expand our services and carry out comprehensive equipment projects for hotel establishments, residences, offices and so on. Two decades of experience working with customers from all over the world attest to our professionalism. 


Gym Hotel

In recent years, guests’ interest in taking care of their health has grown exponentially. The gym is the third most important decision factor for guests when choosing a hotel, and the number of hotels opting to include a fitness room in their facilities is increasing.

This Health and Wellness Tourism service allows the Hotel to improve the attraction and loyalty of its clients.




At Oss Fitness we create and design a space devoted to guests’ fitness and health, providing the hotel with a clear competitive edge. We adapt to the needs of each of our customers so as to design the most suitable fitness areas for their businesses, be they urban, rural or vocational hotels, resorts, agro-tourism destinations, campsites or residential areas.

The satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers is highly important for us, which is why we take care of everything, from the design of the room and the layout of the equipment, the build-up, commissioning and technical service throughout Spain.

At Oss Fitness we seek to add new value with our equipment, adapting to the customer’s needs, improving the profitability of the new space and, as a result, bringing benefits for its users.


Poleo Room

A suite geared towards generating different spaces without interrupting the visual line and, therefore, respecting the continuity of the light, allowing us to enjoy a greater global perception of the space.

The suite has different uses and the resolution of this challenge  through the technological support is essential for overcoming it, although the greatest success lies in doing it ,  maintaining a warm atmosphere without the technology adding a sophistication  on the suite experience.




A multidisciplinary study capable of combining a technical need and a creative challenge. Accustomed to the execution of international projects and despite having a greater influence over the HORECA channel, especially in the boutique sector, we’ve enjoyed different challenges for customers as diverse as Red Bull, Bentley and the Royal Family of Qatar. We’ve had the pleasure of being awarded prizes for some of our hotels in Sicily and France.


CEHAT and ITH show how the hotels of the future will be. A multifunctional and timeless space that integrates the most advanced technology with comfortable and sustainable design, to offer experiences that connect generations. When the classic meets the modern and the services respond to the needs of any type of client.

An immersive multigenerational experience, “high tech – human touch”, sustainable and healthy, including the latest trends where artificial intelligence, digitalisation, robotics, sensory perception, olfactory marketing, wellness, emotion detection, audiovisual media, decoration, content and comfort adapt to the different motivations of travellers: work, leisure, culture, gastronomy,…”.



Teresa Casas Cornellà

President. General Council of Official Schools of Decorators and Interior Designers ​

Ramón Estalella

General Secretary. Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations

Emilio Gallego

General Secretary. CEHE - Spanish Hotel and Catering Business Confederation

Agnès Blanch

Interior Designer and founding partner of the vilablanch studio. Member of the Board of Arquinfad, Interdisciplinary Space Design Association


Juan López-Asiain

Responsible for the Technical Cabinet in the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain.


Marcos Toscani

Influencer of the hospitality sector

Teresa Casas Cornellà

Her studio carries out projects for interior residential spaces, retail, offices… In short, spaces where people develop their activities. Working for society, improving its quality of life and well-being is one of its principles and objectives. Doing it with sensitivity, personalizing each project, using materials and techniques that respond to needs and act from reason and common sense, are aspects present in all projects.
Director of the studio Teresa Casas Disseny d’interiors.
She studied interior design in Barcelona and opened her professional studio in 1985.
She has always been involved in the CODIC – College of Interior Designers of Catalonia first in the governing board of the Demarcation of Girona, which was president and currently as Dean of the College of Interior Designers of Catalonia.
She is also President of the General Council of Interior Designers Colleges of Spain and a member of the governing board of ECIA – European Council of Interior Architects.
During her professional career she has participated in different conferences and debates. In teaching, she has taught in design schools and universities, collaborating at the same time in professional acts and acting as a jury in both national and international awards.
She has written opinion articles in different media and his works have also been published in many of them.

Ramón Estalellla

Ramón Estalellla holds a degree in Law from CEU, an Executive MBA from the Instituto Empresa and a Diploma in Tax Consultancy. He has also attended courses at various European universities on International Finance, Human Resources, Business Ethics and Marketing.

He has worked in several areas, such as finance (Aon Gil and Carvajal), industrial (Firestone), healthcare (Hospiten) and tourism (Ashotel, Zontur).

At present:

  • General Secretary of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT)
  • Secretary General of the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH)
  • Secretary General of the CEHAT Foundation
  • Director of the Higher Tourism Programme of the Instituto de Empresa (2012-2017)
  • Associate Professor of several Universities and Business Schools
  • Member of the Tourism and Environment Council of CEOE
  • Member of the Executive Committee of HOTREC (Hotels, Restaurants and Coffees in Europe)

Emilio Gallego

Degree in Law and Diploma in European Union Law by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Diploma in Accounting and Taxation by C.E.C.O. Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and Diploma in Economic Management of Foundations by the Luis Vives Foundation.


  • Federación Española de Hostelería (FEHR), Pozuelo de Alarcón (Spain)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Instituto Técnico Hotelero (ITH)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of AECOSAN
  • Member of the State Council for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality -ICTE. President of the Joint Commission of the State Labour Agreement on Hotels and Restaurants – ALEH. Member of the Sectoral Joint Committee on Hotels and Restaurants for the Continuing Training of Workers.
  • Member of the Labour Relations, Social Security and Corporate Social Responsibility Committees of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations – CEOE.
  • Member of the Tripartite Labour Committee on Immigration of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  • Member of the Tripartite Advisory Committee on Labour Inspection and Social Security of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  • Chairman of the Occupational Health Committee of the State Labour Agreement on Hotels and Restaurants -ALEH.
  • Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Fundación Hostelera De España. Representative of Spain in HOTREC, European Employers’ Association of Hotels and Restaurants.

Agnès Blanch

Agnès Blanch is a founding partner of the vilablanch studio. Interior Designer, graduated from the Massana School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and holds a Master in Ephemeral Architecture from the UPC/Elisava. Since 1995 she has been working as an interior designer, carrying out interior architecture projects and executing works in homes and commercial premises. In 1999, together with Elina Vilá, he set up the interior architecture studio vilablanch. In 2017 he became a member of the Board of Directors of ArquinFAD.

Vilablanch is a benchmark interior design studio with a consolidated track record in carrying out interior architecture projects in homes, offices and shops, both in spaces of great heritage value and in new buildings. After 20 years of trajectory and a team of 14 architects and interior designers, vilablanch has earned the trust of a large number of national and international clients. Among them, companies such as Sony, Mediapro, Grupo Puig, Gallina Blanca, Álvaro Palacios, Solvia or Bonavista Developments. Among its most prestigious residential projects is the Casa Burés de Barcelona, a real modernist jewel of the city that has been awarded nationally and internationally.

Juan López-Asiain

Collegiate Technical Architect, Head of the Technical Cabinet of the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Industrial Organisation Engineer, PhD in the technological innovation in building programme at the Madrid School of Building, European Building Expert.

Marcos Toscani

Mercadologist, advisor on Luxury experience for hotels and creator of digital content.
He has worked with the main hotel chains in the world in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, United States, France, Croatia, Costa Rica, among others.
He is a TV and Radio columnist about luxury hotels and a reference in the segment in Latin America.

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