These are the laboratory restaurants where customer experience is measured

At Livit they have imagined what would happen if we could use technology to monitor all possible parameters of our customers’ behaviour and then, with the resulting data, make changes and adjustments to make the restaurant more attractive and irresistible. This is what they are doing in some of their laboratory locations in different cities around the world and then applying it to other chains and independent restaurants.

How much time do our customers spend at the table if we play the music at a certain volume? What if we change to more comfortable furniture? Is it more profitable for a group to have drinks, or is it preferable to rotate tables? All these questions can be answered thanks to the parameterisation of all the data they are doing in the V and 1889 restaurants, as Rafael Larue, Livit’s design director, explains in the video.

In addition, all the information, if well managed, can be used to create experiences similar to those of a fine dining restaurant, but with the costs of a fast casual chain.

Livit is a Spanish company with an absolute international vocation with a presence in more than 50 countries. It was founded in 1998 and is currently managed by Rebeca Muñoz.

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Rodrigo Domínguez Sáez, Barra de Ideas director.


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