WASH by EcoFrog by Servipro 2.0

Combined with the AVATAR ozone generator, WASH by EcoFrog saves 90% of detergent in industrial dishwashers.

It washes the dishes with barely any detergent

The WASH by EcoFrog device enables industrial dishwashers to save up to 90% of detergent, which, in addition to the positive impact on the environment, generates significant economic and logistical savings for companies in the HORECA industry. The device created by the Servipro 2.0 company can connect the AVATAR by EcoFrog on-site ozone generator, another of its efficient innovations, to any industrial dishwasher, be it front-mounted or dome or tunnel-type.

The disinfecting and degreasing power of the ozone and the rinsing at a temperature above 80ºC guarantee a perfect finish for cutlery, tableware and glassware. The rinsing process is complemented by Ozonebrill rinse aid, whose specific formula combines with the ozone to perfection and contributes to better drying.

The new generation of WASH by EcoFrog is easily installed thanks to the new sensors used, constituting a major breakthrough with respect to the previous generation.

The device significantly reduces dependence on chemicals used as detergents and single-use plastic packaging.

Prestigious chefs such as Jordi Cruz at the ABAC, the Torres Brothers, Jordi Esteve at the Nectari, Víctor Quintillà at La Lluerna and Xavier Pellicer have signed up for the eco-sustainable ozone revolution.

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