Winterhalter warewashing systems

The new Winterhalter MT series warewashing systems save water and energy with the best results

Sustainability for perfectly clean dishes

Winterhalter’s MT series warewashing systems deliver perfect results with less water and energy consumption and feature an ergonomic design. This new release from the specialist brand for industrial dishwashers meets all the hygiene requirements according to DIN EN 17735. Its modular system, with multiple conversion and retrofitting options, brings you the flexibility needed to guarantee your investment is worthwhile.

The MT Series offers the first modular touchscreen warewashing systems on the market that can be retrofitted at any time: they grow with your business, so that they can always be adapted to your specific needs.

They contribute to sustainability and are energy-efficient. They are designed with double lining on all sides of the unit and a fully enclosed base, thus reducing heat emissions. They consume as little water as necessary, starting at 115 litres per hour, so they also reduce chemical consumption.

They have a “ClimatePlus” heat pump with a potential saving of up to 28 kWh, as it uses the steam emitted to pre-heat the supply water. In addition, an EnergyLight drain water heat recovery system is integrated, which saves up to 2 kWh. Water consumption is adapted to the speed and each zone is only activated if it detects material inside.

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