A fresh approach to interior design for the hospitality sector: the quest for functionality

What’s the latest in furniture and decoration for the hospitality sector? While interior design is playing an increasingly important role in the customer experience, manufacturers are surprising us with beautifully-designed ideas that also feature a big dose of technology and functionality. The goal? Comfortable and pleasant for the customer; functional and hard-wearing for the bar, hotel or restaurant. Here’s a small selection of new products, many of which you can see at Hostelco 2018.

Floors and walls in the same colour or texture (even in bathrooms)

A large percentage of new products in hotel and restaurant decoration are inspired by new materials. Flint Floor, a Spanish manufacturer that produces highly resistant laminate flooring, is presenting its latest development in synthetic ceramics: Flintiles. These are panels that offer exceptional protection against impact, wear and tear and fire and also allow the flooring to flow throughout every room: bedrooms, passageways, lounges… even in the bathroom or spa, where the shower stall can be integrated into the floor and the walls in the same colour and texture. This allows a continuous space with no barriers or height differences. The material is 100% waterproof, highly fire resistant, anti-impact and anti-scratch; the panels are available in different finishes and can also be applied to furniture, table tops, bedheads, walls, ceilings and kitchen worktops.

More comfortable and robust outdoor furniture

Maxchief Europe is a firm specialising in folding furniture in steel and polyethylene which offers significant functional and aesthetic improvements. One example is the fold-up chair known as Big Alex: both lightweight and with great load-bearing capacity, it comes in a modern colour range (white, black and warm grey) and is made from perforated polypropylene (to facilitate drainage when it rains) and a robust steel frame. Extremely wide and comfortable, once folded down it is easy to stack. The XL4 table from the Premium range for four people also stands out for its low maintenance and low weight (with a net weight of 13.8 kg, though it can support loads of up to 181 kg), which makes it perfect for the hospitality sector. The table top is made from 100% pure high density polyethylene and the frame is made from powder-coated steel. It is very convenient for dining areas as it can be joined to other tables.

No more wobbly tables!

This was unquestionably one of the most interesting innovations at Hostelco 2016: the self-stabilising StableTable, which adjusts automatically to any surface and level. At the time, this innovation won a Hostelco Award. Perfect for both interior and outdoor use, these tables have a fold-down top which means they can be stored in the minimum space. This year they are back with a new development: a table with a larger fold-down top to seat four people comfortably, which remains stable on uneven ground of up to 25 mm thanks to its exclusive mechanical system inserted in the central leg.

Ultra-hard-wearing luxury

Who said beauty is fragile? The beautiful exterior collections from Skyline Design feature designs that are both up-to-the-minute and timeless, with aluminium structures and woven synthetic fibres. The result

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