Improve your restaurant’s profitability by 30 percent with dynamic pricing

Restaurants have a new opportunity to improve the profitability of their menu thanks to technology that adjusts what they serve and establishes dynamic prices for dishes according to demand forecasts.

In the same way that the cost of tourist-oriented hotel bookings or flight tickets varies according to the criteria of an artificial intelligence algorithm, the restaurant industry can now apply similar technology with the aim of maximising its profits due to the widespread implementation of digital menus resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are the most successful and profitable dishes in your restaurant? Can you increase prices when there is a high occupancy? Can you remove certain low-profit dishes from the menu on busy days? If the potato omelette is your most profitable dish, why not highlight it on the menu to boost sales?

In this video, the first of seven HOSTELCO Stories to be published, you can see how Dynameat works, a digital tool created by Javier Espinosa which is already fully integrated in the restaurants and brands of the Arzábal Group run by Nacho Adorna, a pioneering restaurant group in applying this artificial intelligence technology.

The future of menus and prices in the restaurant industry is dynamic both on-site on different days, at different times, or even in different spaces – eating at a table next to the bathroom is not the same as eating on the terrace with a spectacular view – as well as in the food served for delivery or take away.

At Hostelco (Barcelona, 4-7 April 2022) you will be able to find all the solutions for your hospitality business. Get your ticket!

Rodrigo Domínguez ( Director de Barra de Ideas)


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