Kitchen equipment: a technological tsunami

Technological innovation has taken professional kitchens by storm, giving rise to advanced equipment that is not only more intelligent and capable of communicating, but also guarantees better results more quickly and with lower energy consumption. Intuitive, easy to use, ergonomic equipment which considerably facilitates work, as may be seen in the fascinating range of new products, many of them revolutionary, which will be presented at Hostelco 2018.

Kitchens without flames

Goodbye to flame cooking as we know it: this is what Rational proposes with its VarioCookingCenter multifunction cooking equipment that does not use flames and which cooks, roasts and fries thanks to the automatic raising and lowering system of its cylinder, meaning precise, automated cooking can be achieved. The results: perfect cooking, up to 4 times quicker, and with an energy saving of up to 40%. And of course, it is perfect equipment for both a la carte restaurants and large kitchens…

A revolutionary generation in mixed ovens

The equipment that has probably advanced most in recent years in professional kitchens is the mixed or combined oven. These are now versatile devices capable of multitasking (roasting, grilling, steaming, gratinating, frying, baking, reconstituting…) and easily replacing other equipment, providing the answer to all the cooking requirements of any establishment.

The Distform brand goes one step further with its new range of intelligent mychef ovens (, which stand out because of their SmartClima Plus technology, a patented steam and humidity control system which achieves more uniform cooking and improves the quality of dishes by respecting the ingredients to the full. This system includes mychef MultiSteam technology, capable of rapidly generating pure steam, which is sterilised and safer thanks to ultraviolet rays, which eliminate pathogens. Food safety combined with connectivity, because these easy-to-use ovens are connected to the cloud by an app and are capable of collecting data, processing it and providing personalised information for the chef.

Compact ovens are another trend that are all the rage, as more and more establishments encounter problems of space. Convothermpresents its new Convotherm mini-oven at Hostelco, with a very attractive design with a large door, which is ideal to open for frontcooking. At only 51.5 cm wide, it fits into the smallest kitchen, but its size is deceptive: its cooking chamber is surprisingly wide.

It can be easily stacked and makes use of 1/1 GN containers and accessories (which is advantageous) and is exceptional for its easy-to-use, intelligent cooking programmes. A real “4×4” oven, with manual and automatic cooking programmes to suit all users, which cleans itself automatically.

The Repagas brand also opts for compact ovens with its new E-compact oven, equipped with IOF (Internet of food) connectivity. With this new intelligent equipment, which makes use of in-house technology, Repagas seeks to ensure that the cook is always informed of the work that is taking place in their kitchen.

Thanks to its small size, E-compact adapts easily to any space, whilst achieving maximum energy efficiency and uniformity of cooking, both at high and low temperatures. What is more, cooking programmes, information files and predictive maintenance from the cloud may be taken advantage of, thanks to its connectivity.

Likewise, the new generation of Emotion trivalent ovens, from Modular Professional, have all the necessary technology in their interior to cook any recipe in an easy and automated way.

Just choose what you wish to cook: meat, fish, pastry, bread, frying, grilling, stewing or pasteurising and the Emotion oven will automatically cook all types of food with precision. Thanks to its touch screen panel, which is simple and intuitive, the cook is always in full control of the equipment and receives information regarding all the main functions. Aesthetics, efficiency and functionality combined.

Perfect steaming: this is what the Steambox oven by Giorik offers. Thanks to its innovative patented system, two steam production methods work together in these ovens, combining the high-quality steam generated by the boiler with the speed and economy of the steam generated by the “instant” programme. The results? Greater speed, quality, efficiency and energy saving.

Steambox allows the level of steam hydration to be adjusted based on the type of cooking. In the case of cooking large-sized or very consistent, fibrous foods, steam with a precise degree of hydration should be used, as this has more penetrative power than dry steam and will cook the food more quickly whilst preserving its tenderness and texture. An innovation that will be presented together with Eurofred at Hostelco

Safer charcoal ovens

Because of the unique touch they give to food, charcoal ovens are also especially in demand in today’s hospitality sector. This new design by the Pira brand means a reduction in traditional safety distances required to avoid burns and accidents, thanks to its liftable glass door. Precisely because of this liftable feature, the possibility of objects falling against the glass and other accidents that could damage the oven door are avoided. Thus, both chef and equipment remain protected and their interaction in the kitchen is improved.

These ovens also facilitate cleaning: the glass that protects the oven helps reduce accumulation of food remains and allows rapid cleaning and easy access.

More robust and hygienic kitchens

What are new professional kitchens like? Undoubtedly they are more durable and with guaranteed hygiene, but they are also more flexible and practical to ensure very comfortable and safe working conditions. This is the perfect description of the new Queen line by the Baronbrand, which is easily recognisable due to its design and durability that is manifested in every detail. In this case, curves are one of the main features of the design. Likewise, the control switches provide optimal grip and help the cook to monitor the settings at just a glance. Particular attention has also been paid to the lower part of the controls, which are perfectly designed to avoid the infiltration of liquids and/or food remains, and have IPX5 certification. Would you like to see more? The Santos Grupo will be displaying it at Hostelco

The Pilsa brand will also present its most durable cooker at the trade fair: the new Hammer Kitchen, designed for cooks seeking highly resistant and reliable equipment, with all the potential that an large kitchen requires. With components that stand up to practically anything, it is designed to withstand the most adverse conditions and intensive use.

Hammer Kitchens can be made to measure according to the customer’s needs, with flames, barbecuer, fryers, pasta cooker, bain marie… once installed it is a free-standingsingle-module cooker, with a highly-perfected design.

Beyond cooling: multifunctional preservation arrives

Equipment capable of cooling, thawing, fermenting… and cooking? Yes, it does exist. It is called MultiFresh and it is the latest innovation from Irinox. This Italian company, which manufactures fast chillers and freezers and preservation and fermentation systems, now launches this innovative multifunction equipment, capable of controlling operating cycles at a wide range of temperatures.

MultiFresh can operate from +85°C to -40°C, permitting cooling, fermenting, defrosting, reconstituting, pasteurising and cooking at low temperatures. For every food type there are established parameters of temperature, ventilation and humidity for optimum conservation and handling.

Perfect for chefs, pastry chefs, ice-cream makers and bakers, this range is available in a several sizes and stands out because of its simple design which adapts to any establishment.

The new generation in dish washers is here

Innovation in dish washers? Yes, of course! The significant technological improvements in new dishwashers must also be mentioned, characterised by greater energy saving; more efficient washing in less time; greater ergonomics, and of course, connectivity. And one very important feature: they no longer give off steam.

Thus, the basket and belt conveyor dishwashers of the MT series by Winterhalter must be mentioned due to their great potential for energy savings and high performance. Technical improvements in the rinsing area permit savings in water consumption of up to 20%. The results: considerably lower operating costs, with proportional savings in detergent and glass polish, as well as in energy.

In particular, the rinsing area has a redesigned filtration system, which removes almost 100% of fine waste or food particles from the water using centrifugal force. In addition, the new shape of the rinsing jets makes a finer spray pattern, which achieves better coverage with less rinsing water. The new, ClimatePlus heat pump, which combines great energy efficiency and reduced size, must also be highlighted.

Ergonomic design, shorter washing times, faster drying, less expenses… these are the features of M-iClean H, the innovative Meiko top-loading dishwasher, which stands out in particular because it is easy-to-use and clean and highly cost-effective. A light touch is all it takes to open and close the hood, avoiding heavy loading and unloading, loss of time and the need to bend over. Washing is activated at a single touch, and the results of the wash are always excellent.

The M-iClean H also improves the working environment by retaining heat and offers other important advantages, such as the extraction of steam by self-cleaning and the recovery of heat from waste water and excess air, achieving 80% less humidity and up to 21% less energy consumption. A new benchmark in terms of comfortable working conditions and handling, cleanliness and cost-effectiveness.

“Do not work harder, work intelligently”, is the message of the firm Hobart, which will bring its new generation of glass washers and under-counter dishwashers with unique features to Hostelco: touch screens, perfect drying (no need for manual drying and polishing), an app which provides information on the status of the machine at the touch of a button… and all with shorter washing cycles and lower consumption of water, energy and chemical products. In addition, steam leakage during operation or opening the machine has been eliminated.

What is more, the advanced C-Line basket transport dishwashers by Hobart also stand out because of their automatic cleaning programme and because they are being smart: they are able to detect empty sections or different types of dishes and adapt to each scenario, which entails significant savings in costs and resources. To sum up: greater cost-effectiveness with optimal washing results.

This is just a small sample of everything that will be on display at Hostelco 2018. Nothing can compare to seeing all this, and many other pieces of equipment, first hand at the trade fair; you can touch, open, “play around” with them and ask manufacturers and suppliers questions. And if you are interested, bear in mind: a Renewal plan in under way in the hospitality industry, with 30 million euros to improve energy consumption. Learn more about this plan at The Hostelco Speakers’ Corner area, which will host a debate led by the Fehr to publicise all the details about it.


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