Plant milk in two minutes

From plant ingredients, Jata's MILKER easily prepares 100% natural drinks

The MILKER allows you to prepare any type of vegetable milk on the spot. You only need a glass of water, the ingredients to make it and blend for two minutes. With the new Jata device, drinks made from nuts, cereals, seeds, rice, tiger nuts, coconut and any other vegetable ingredient are available to everyone, whether due to taste or intolerance to natural milk. animal. 

The preparation process is very simple: you just need to fill the glass included in the kit with water to the desired level, insert the provided filter into it so that it fits perfectly and produces the emulsion of the content, pour the ingredients into the filter and run the mixer for one minute. Finally, with the help of the mortar, also included, press gently to extract the remaining liquid. 

The result is a freshly made drink, 100% natural, without preservatives or added sugars. The MILKER also allows you to prepare coffee from whole beans. Along with the device, five recipes are included for some of the most consumed plant milks today—hazelnut with orange chocolate, oats, hazelnuts and cashews, almond caffe latte and peanut caffe latte—, and eight tricks for the use of leftover pulp. Among Jata’s priorities is the reduction of food waste, which is why it encourages MILKER users to reuse the remains of the ingredients with which they prepare their vegetable drinks for other recipes, such as creams, pâtés, guacamole, cookies, gazpacho or even for hydrating and exfoliating facial masks. In addition, it contributes to sustainability by reducing the use of packaging. 


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