Socamel distribution equipment

Socamel’s food distribution systems for collective catering advocate Corporate Social Responsibility

Refrigerated meals with a low environmental impact

The food distribution systems designed and manufactured by Socamel offer the best performance with the lowest environmental impact. In its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, the leading French company in the collective catering industry lists the initiatives it carries out to protect people and the environment. These include recycling 98% of all the components and materials used in the manufacturing of its equipment and obtaining the Valo Resto Pro Award for the best environmental initiative for changing its entire range of technology incorporated into the R-1234yf refrigerant.

Since 2022, Socamel’s catalogue of solutions has boasted the LongTime seal, the first one in its industry, which certifies the durability and ease of repair of the equipment used. Similarly, the company has introduced the option of reusing the Double Flow terminal with dissociated technology. This is a fixed product renowned for its reliability. To extend its useful life, an evaluation of the worn parts is performed for their replacement and an appropriate reconditioning service is provided.

Furthermore, with the aim of enhancing its relationship with its customers, Socamel has launched a personalised purchasing process that includes prior advice enabling them to choose the best solution, assistance in the implementation and start-up of the equipment and a customised after-sales service. The above is supported by the new SOCONNECT data platform to which the customers can connect directly.

Socamel’s R&D teams chiefly work on three kinds of solutions with regard to the quality of the refrigeration of its food distribution equipment, namely an integrated or decentralised cold system, a connection to an existing cold water circuit or a dry ice injection technique.

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