The technology that reduces check-in time at hotels

A good customer experience is essential in getting the guest to repeat their stay in the establishment. To achieve this, innovation and technology play an essential role in the hotel sector, which has not only incorporated the latest technological advances, but has also been able to exploit them to generate in the customer a sense of satisfaction before, during and after their stay. One of the technological factors that directly influences the creation of a good customer experience is the automatic check-in, as it is a strategy that manages to reduce the time that the customer spends checking in at the hotel.

No one wants to wait, after a long trip, for the receptionist of the hotel or establishment where you are going to stay to confirm your details, assign the room and give you the key so that you can get into it. In this context, automatic check-in is a step forward. A technology that allows the waiting time to be reduced when the client enters the hotel, making the arrival much more pleasant.

This innovative tool is being incorporated by many hotels to make life a lot easier for the customer. It consists of checking in during the booking period, before arriving at the hotel. The whole process is carried out without any type of document, which means that it is much less cumbersome for the guest. When the client makes the reservation through any device (telephone, tablet, computer, etc.), they provide the hotel with all their data, and in this way registration is carried out. When this phase is completed, the client receives a QR code or some other indication, either to their email or any other application available to them, confirming that the registration has been made correctly.

Upon arrival at the hotel, with all the information previously provided by the client during the booking process, all that will be missing is the verification of the data and the collection of the keys so that the guest can enter their room. To do this, the hotel will automate its reception service by installing a domotic kiosk that will be responsible for carrying out the same work performed until now by the receptionist: verification of guest data, allocation of the room according to the characteristics of the customer’s reservation and handing over of the key for them to enter.

Other types of systems allow the customer to check in once they have arrived in the destination city, being able to do so through their mobile phone. The same device that receives the key will also open their establishment’s door. In this case, the key lock has a reading system for this type of access.

Thanks to this type of innovation, hotel staff can spend more time attending to each guest in a personalised way, rather than carrying out this type of more systematic work.


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