Catering, an expanding business model

A society which cooks less and less constitutes fertile ground for both home delivery and catering services. The sector is growing at a rate of three per cent each year and is expected to record a turnover of 3,600 million euros in 2018.


With a similar rise in the number of public relations events held by Spanish companies, this sector stands to benefit more than others. More than a year ago we pointed to a new tendency: many restaurants are committing to catering as a formula for business expansion. Now we can also add the businesses traditionally providing catering services, such as Isabel Maestre’s, which are opening new on-site premises.

As if this trend were not positive enough for the sector, over the last year we have seen the emergence of Fudeat, a digital platform on which different companies offer their catering services to both corporate events and individuals. This aggregator currently hosts 40 catering companies and offers its services in Madrid.


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