Facial recognition, the technology with infinite possibilities

It is well known that the hotel industry can benefit greatly from new technologies and the latest innovations. For this reason, facial recognition in hotels is expected, taking into account the number of possibilities and the benefit that this technology can bring.

Tourism, and the hotel industry in particular, can really benefit from facial recognition. It should be noted that it is a way to improve your marketing strategies, and vitalise your loyalty programs.

Registration of personnel, event attendees, access system to certain areas, speed up check-in, personalisation of services, data collection, services to ensure security to detect criminals… there are many possibilities that can be carried out today thanks to facial recognition. What not so long ago looked like a science fiction technology, is today within our reach and part of our daily lives, in smartphones, for example.

There are already airports that are testing with it, or carrying out events to streamline tasks such as registering attendees and printing accreditations, this system not only improves the experience, but saves on time.

The fact that the cameras recognise the features of the guests in a hotel can make it easier for us to know where the guest goes within the hotel, in what areas and at what times; and, what’s more, it can let you know if a guest is waiting at the bar so that a waiter can come and serve immediately. It is in these cases when it is necessary to take advantage of and to offer personalised solutions to the guests, so that, in this way, we improve the guest experience in the hotel and acquire loyalty, besides increasing  sales thanks to knowing the guests´ needs and opportunities.



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