These are the first robot waiters to begin working in restaurants

When will robots arrive en masse in restaurant halls? We know the first restaurant where the food on the table is brought to you by a robot.

Robotics has for some time been replacing some kitchen jobs that previously forced kitchen teams to devote too many hours and human resources to them; but technological innovation had not arrived in the service industry, at least in Spain, in such an obvious way as is happening at the moment.

For a long time we have seen in some fast food chains that the order can be made through tablets or computers, then you pick up the order yourself at the payment point. Thanks to this technology, dishes can arrive at the diner’s table via these robots. In the report we prepared from Barra de ideas we meet Alex Yu, partner of Orient Group, a chain of oriental restaurants that have already deployed these robots in Madrid, and Roberto Menéndez, CEO of Grupo Add, a Spanish company that is manufacturing its own robots for the catering industry.


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