Leisure, the new frontier for the hotel industry

The different aspects of leisure time have become additional attractions for bars and cafés.

It seems that we haven’t been talking about trends in this section lately, but rather traditional uses and customs that have been revamped. In our last issue we discussed Forquilla or Large Breakfasts, a popular tradition in different places throughout the region which, due to changes in consumer habits, is catching on. On this occasion we’re returning to something similar. Pool tables, amusement arcades, board games and dominoes in the village pub are back. It turns out that, on his last trip to NYC, our contributor Gonzalo Mateos saw how new venues are becoming fashionable in the city and consumption time is increasing as a result of the emergence of various strategies like pool tables, recreational games, trivial pursuit, monopoly and all kinds of more modern board games, and he explained everything in his latest article in Barra de Ideas. In addition, exhibitions, literary presentations, talks and conversations in different languages are other initiatives being developed by establishments to improve their sales and results.

On this occasion we visited the Café Manuela, a legendary venue in Madrid (San Vicente Ferrer, 29), where we met Victor Guerrero Morales, the café manager, his father Jesús and Gonzalo Mateos himself. The café is renowned for encouraging people of all ages to come and play its board games.

Rodrigo Domínguez (Barra de Ideas)


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