Olfactory marketing, or being guided by smells

Companies are using innovation and technology as two of the main ways to improve the customer experience. One of these innovative strategies is Olfactory Marketing, a technique whereby emotional bonds are created via the olfactory channel. Smell is something customers cannot ignore.

Scientific studies show that human beings remember more than 35% of what they smell, more than 5% of what they see and 2% of what they hear. Our memory is capable of recalling more than 10,000 different aromas and yet it only recognises 200 colours. We should also emphasize that olfactory marketing boosts employees’ performance by reducing the typographical errors made by office workers, improving the perception of the product’s quality and increasing purchase intent and average unit sales, among many benefits.

The hotel and tourism sector is highly competitive, so attempting to form immediate, powerful and distinctive emotional connections with customers with a unique aroma that can arouse memories of products and associated events will be key to their loyalty. Smell is something customers cannot ignore.

Olfactory marketing plays a key role in the hotel industry. The way smell creates numerous memories and emotions strongly influences the holiday experience. You just need to smell a similar fragrance again to remember that unforgettable stay at the hotel.

By using certain fragrances at your hotel you can increase your sales by cross-selling. How? It’s very simple. If you place a coffee aroma in a specific area, for example, customers are very likely to go down to the restaurant/buffet/café to get one or to get something to eat because they acquire a subconscious desire. If your hotel creates a need for calm in a relaxing atmosphere, with colours, tones and textures that promote the feeling of peace, they’ll want to enjoy a spa experience or a relaxing massage. This thus influences the guests’ behaviour, a key factor for hoteliers when it comes to broadening their assets.


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