The sound experience helps to build customer loyalty

When we talk about a cosy restaurant, lobby or cafeteria, we don’t often think about the importance of sound in an experience that meets the customer’s expectations. And it’s not common for the customer to be “pleasantly” surprised in a hospitality establishment. However, this is not a matter to be ignored.

Numerous studies in the health community have shown that incessant noise at a certain volume generates stress and can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed. If this happens in a restaurant, the customer may take this bad experience with them and might not want to return. If we talk about the health of the workers themselves, who are subjected to this situation for hours on end, the problem can become even worse.

For this reason, more and more venues are opting for an adequate sound design, starting with the architectural project to the design and management of the contents, as well as the construction, conditioning, creation of systems and the installation itself.

This is what chef and restaurateur Julián Mármol did at the recent opening of his new restaurant, Monchis, in the Canalejas Gallery in Madrid. To carry out this unique sound project, which we had the opportunity to visit whilst it was undergoing construction, Mármol had the help of the Latin Grammy winning musician, producer, engineer and music arranger, Ralph Killhertz from Zaragoza.

You’ll be able to find all the solutions for your hospitality businesses at Hostelco (Barcelona, 4-7 April 2022).

Rodrigo Domínguez Sáez (Director of Barra de Ideas)


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