Sustainability, flexibility, efficiency; five innovative pieces of equipment that will surprise you

What is required of kitchen equipment today? In addition to quality, productivity and good value for money, they need to be sustainable. And under the “sustainability” label not only do we include energy efficiency or the lowest environmental impact: mobility, flexibility and multifunctionality are also key features. As an example, these five innovative pieces of equipment:

The first two-level dishwasher

Hobart presents the world’s first two-level dishwasher: Two-Level-Washer, which provides twice the capacity of a conventional bell-type dishwasher, thanks to the fact that it incorporates an additional washing chamber, but: everything in the same space.

The two chambers of this revolutionary dishwasher work simultaneously, but take up no more than a conventional dishwasher. This is an innovation that will considerably reduce kitchen work, especially at peak times, when the dishes have to be washed quickly before they can be used again. In short: the Two-Level-Washer washes twice as much in the same time. And with maximum flexibility: while dishes are being washed on the upper level, for example, frying pans, heavily stained pots, cutlery or bowls can be placed on the lower level, each with its own washing programme. And look out for one of its key functions, energy storage in the form of residual air: the hood keeps the steam and energy inside, which results in significant energy savings, less humidity in the kitchen and better conditions of hygiene.

One trolley for the oven and the hot cupboard

Forget about moving around with GN buckets: the revolutionary Banquet Master equipment presented by Dégerman

allows the complete oven trolley to be directly housed inside the trolley by incorporating the innovative EOR System. The great advantage is that the whole unit can be moved, with total temperature control, to another area to serve and/or keep heated, decongesting the cooking area.

The results? With only one trolley for the oven and for the hot cupboard

production is doubled, thermal efficiency is increased, with significant energy savings, and working times are improved. And all this without the risk of burning, temperature loss and stopped ovens. In short: a perfect solution for high production kitchens, where capacity, flexibility, efficiency and thermal control are crucial factors. Aah! Aah! And Banquet Master is available for all major brands of GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 ovens.

Radiation cooking for a “vera pizza.”

A pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven but without a wood-fired oven? Yes, it’s possible: the electric belt ovens from the TT Pizza de Dosilet range

provide the authentic baking of a real Italian pizza: by radiation (like the fire in traditional wood-fired ovens), direct (without the need to inject hot air), fast (in just 90 seconds) and from the bottom to the top (which dries the dough without burning the toppings). The result: crunchy pizzas on the outside, juicy on the inside, easy to fold, with raised edges and the characteristic golden tone with dark spots on both sides.

The secret lies in the red-hot electrical resistances of the Dosilet TT Pizza ovens: they are the most fire-like source of energy, but they radiate the food uniformly over the programmed time, guaranteeing a constant and homogeneous production of up to 360 pizzas in one hour. Without the need for firewood, and qualified staff to look after the embers or rotate the pizzas. More advantages: these ovens are easy to use and install (plug and play!) and require less space and investment than a traditional wood-fired oven.

Cooking by radiation (infra-red) does not require hot air injection and is not affected by the opening or closing of the oven door or by the number of pizzas put in. They are stackable ovens, and incorporate a photoelectric cell to work in ECO mode with an energy consumption up to 65% lower than other conventional models.

A mobile mini-station kitchen

The Blanco Cook Mobile Kitchen Station by Blanco Professional allows you to roast, cook, grill, fry, keep warm… in front of the customer, without fumes and saving energy. Reliable, fast and powerful, it is ideal for hotel buffets and terraces, as well as in restaurants and school, company and residential canteens, as it allows you to present a wide range of food, prepared there and then, in a reduced space.

Now it has a little sister, the Blanco Cook I-flex series, with an even more compact and lightweight design for improved mobility. It offers maximum flexibility thanks to its efficient integrated induction technology (up to three hobs, offering six cooking zones). The different firing units are simply placed on the hob and can be changed quickly.

Very compact, this practical mobile kitchen, specially designed to be carried from one place to another, can be placed anywhere, and also incorporates its practical smoke extraction bridge, with a highly efficient filtration system, which also eliminates blue smoke and odours. The electronic control system automatically warns when filters need to be changed or cleaned.

Electric salamander grill with mobile roof

Charvet‘s electric salamander grill with mobile roof gets all the attention in the kitchens where it is installed. It has a fully balanced mobile roof that allows you to adjust with the height of the resistors, so that the chef can regulate the cooking point to his/her liking. The electric salamander grill also has a mechanical plate detection system that prevents consumption when not in use, allowing energy savings of approximately 30%. More advantages of this piece of equipment? Ultra-fast heating in 20 seconds; its robust construction, and competitive price.

The electric salamander grill comes with a single-phase socket and can be integrated into any kitchen block, or anchored to the wall. And for a perfect design in the kitchen, its colour can be customised…

All these pieces of equipment (and many more) can be seen at the next edition of Hostelco, from 20th to 23rd April in Barcelona. A unique opportunity to witness, first hand, the unstoppable advance of innovation in hostelry equipment.

Marta Renovales (Professional Horeca)


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